About Us

In all aspects of her life, Samantha has drawn upon her artistic talents and appreciation for the beauty around her to pursue her dreams. As a personal chef, she spent years preparing savory meals for her clients always paying close attention to the details of presentation and flavor.

Now her creative flair has extended to the world of jewelry design. As a result of combining vintage and modern pieces from her own personal collection, she discovered a special ability to produce a uniquely styled and artistically beautiful product.  Before long, Samilynn Jewelry was born. 

Fusing the natural elements of existing pieces with carefully selected stones and accents, Samilynn Jewelry imparts a sense of classic elegance with a decidedly contemporary edge.

When creating pieces for women, Samantha loves a flirty, feminine feel with just the right balance of attitude and glam. Her men’s creations are inspired by the forces of nature and the power of masculine athleticism.

Influenced by her world travels, a metro New York City upbringing and her present southern California lifestyle, Samantha strives to create her jewelry with an enduring beauty that can be appreciated and worn by everyone. The Samilynn team can be found in the vibrant fashion district of downtown Los Angeles.

Life is inspiration!